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Sorry, but I’m not purposely taking sides, but from what I’ve seen or what I’ve gathered from seeing post on weibo instagram etc, I’ve came to a conclusion (Completely my own judgement, so no hate if you disagree). I’ve always knew that SM manipulates their artist especially EXO since they’re so so popular among the kpop industry, and SM uses exo as their money maker. They have too much control over their artists, they almost treat them as objects rather than humans. Over the evidence I’ve gathered from photos (May just be mistake but in my opinion, nope) I feel that SM has confiscated EXO members’ mobile phones and started posting things against Kris, Im not first person in this situation so I can’t clearly say that for definite. 

However, this photo is I just uploaded is a screenshot from Tao’s Instagram. I personally don’t think this sounds like what Tao would say, it doesnt seem like its his style AT ALL. (dont get me wrong, I dont know Tao on a personal level, however for being such a big fan of exo, im sure Tao would NEVER say such things! if he does, then Im really really disappointed) 

Evidence 2: SM apparently also posted something indirectly against Kris using chanyeol’s instagram, but it was written in chinese, sorry but throughout every post chanyeol posted, it was either in english or korean, but all of a sudden, it was in chinese……………. I thought chanyeol didn’t know chinese. Even if he DID. I can assure you he wouldn’t know such good chinese (im chinese myself and has been for 18 years) and I know what ‘he’ said is a high level chinese vocabulary so Im sure it wasn’t chanyeol.

Im not sure why SM is trying so hard to make themselves seem like the victim. 

I wouldn’t say I absolutely hate SM, however I dont agree with their doings. SM really disappointed me. -Some of you may agree but im sure there are other people who think I’m only sticking by kris because im an exotic, but no I would stick up for SM if the evidence i’ve seen is positive towards SM but negative towards Kris. 

This is really from my own judgement, if you disagree, that is absolutely fine, im sure everyone has their own interpretation on this matter :) 

Happy Exo Day. Lets respect Kris’s final decision.


How I look on rollercoasters


watched this video of this woman dancing, and it reminded me so much of how I dance to Kpop when im alone in the house xD.. so I had to make this meme :3


When oppa fly kiss me :*


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Just got onew car, and it’s so Shinee


Ugh how is he so perfect LOL

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Back on tumblr after years LOL Thank you for those who followed and reblogged ^^ Going to keep posting many memes :3

Back on tumblr after years LOL Thank you for those who followed and reblogged ^^ Going to keep posting many memes :3